Better Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Better Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

For some reasons, if you wish to use an email address temporarily, and want to use something other than 10 Minute Mail, here we are for you with a number of other options that you can use instead. The supply for a secure connection has been increasing with the demand. So here are a few alternatives that you can use for 10 Minute Mail.

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Why Temporary Email?

Nowadays, most of the websites, as well as many transactions, need your Email so as to verify your identity. These websites are generally irritating since they may end up sending you a barrage of marketing emails and spam you receive while signing upBetter Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail 1 for special offers or when opting for an insurance quote loan online. Thus using a disposable email address can save you from all these unnecessary junk. If you wish not to use your real Email Id for these processes you can switch on to using a temporary email address as it is more convenient and ensures your privacy as well.

Here are some of the alternatives to 10 Minute Mail


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Maildrop is one of the alternatives that runs in just a few seconds. It provides you with total freedom in choosing your Email Address or may even suggest you with some. The domain used by it is for all addresses which most online web forms will accept.


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This is very much similar to Maildrop and is very much reliable for temporary email address provider. This website has been around for a few years and is easy to use, user-friendly what we can call it and won’t take much than a minute for the whole setup. Should you need email testing options or enterprise level volumes of email addresses or storage, those are available too but at a cost.

For using one single email address for your own use is free and offer multiple inboxes with unique email addresses. The email address suggestion aspect is really useful if you are not able to think some suitable one at that particular time or are in any hurry.

Fake Mail Generator

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This site does nothing else than generating a temporary email and neither do we need to do anything about it. This is a temporary email address generator wherein you can create any random email with a wide range of domain names if you do not like the one it will automatically generate when you land on the page.

You can easily copy paste the email address with the help of a copy button it provides so that you can paste it into email forums even if you are in a rush.


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This is yet another temporary email address generator that generates a fake email address as you arrive which you can change or not. The left menu allows you to copy the email address for any use, refresh the inbox, change the address or delete it. However, changing email address is useful but not much intuitive. As whenever you click change, you are asked to Login. This is the new part of your Login. Add anything in here, select the domain and save. Email address at the top will change reflecting the same.

Guerrilla Mail

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This is a website from the 1990s but that got no effect on it for its capacity. It certainly works well enough. Being one of the oldest temporary email address providers around. Also, who does not wish for an email address ending with this cool domain?

Guerrilla mail allows you to access a fake inbox that remains alive as long as your session remains open. Although nobody does want that, it provides you with suggestions for addresses and some domain options should you not want shark laser as well.


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Dispostable allows you to create your own email address and carries the domain- This one isn’t much to look at and doesn’t suggest names as the generator hasn’t worked on for a while now.

Otherwise, email addresses can be generated real quick and they do last for three days. All you have to do is to enter the email address of your choice and tap on the check inbox. As simple as that.


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This is another email address generator site alternative to 10 Minute Mail you can use as an alternative for 10 Minute Mail that comes with a cool domain- Simply tap on the Get temporary Email in the center and that takes you to a randomly generated inbox.

It is pretty much easy to use, although the first part of the address will likely need changing as they are generated from random letters. Besides that, it is convenient to be used even if you are a beginner.

This was the few better and safe alternatives for 10 Minute Mail. You can use any one of them as per your wishes.If you have any queries you can let us know in the comment section below.

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