How to Change Dock color in MAC

Don’t you wish to have your own customized dock color and appearance of your MAC? Who doesn’t? Giving a shimmer of a personal touch to your MAC definitely makes you closer to it. Now if you are dreaming of having your “type” of customization on your MAC, let me bring your dreams into reality. Yeah! You heard it right. You can change Dock color in MAC!

How to Change Dock color in MAC

It isn’t a normal thing for any MAC user to have their Dock color changed and that too by themselves. To give it your feel or what we can call, your vibe, keep reading the following step-by-step guideline and change your MAC in an absolutely new one!

Pre-Requirements to change dock color in MAC

Before heading on to the actual procedure, you will first need to-

  • Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)

Now the actual path begins-

Step 1

After having turned off SIP, launch Finder on your MAC and head to /Systems/Library/CoreServices

You can find that on – Go Menu→ Go to Folder→ Enter /Systems/Library/CoreServices and then Hit the GO.

Go Menu→ Go to Folder→ Enter SystemsLibraryCoreServices and then Hit the GO

Step 2

Now, Right Click on and select Show Package Contents.

Right Click on and select Show Package Contents

Step 3

Now head on to the Content Folder.

Now head on to the Content Folder

Step 4

Open Resources Folder.

Open Resources Folder.


Step 5

Now you will have to copy and paste the below-mentioned files on your desktop or folder, as per your convenience.

  • dockbackground.png
  • dockbackground@2x.png
  • dockbackgrounddark.png
  • dockbackgrounddark@2x.png

Now you will have to copy and paste the below-mentioned files on your desktop or folder, as per your convenience

Step 6

This isn’t really a step but yes I would suggest you all follow this one. Create a folder with title Backup. Now you will need to paste the four files into that folder. This will ensure that your backup files are safe. Also, you can use them if any mistake or unwanted thing happens. Just a precaution which is always better than cure.

Step 7

Now you will have to make use of your favorite photo editing app so as to change the color of the files that you just copied. I prefer using Photoshop. Not any “out of the box” reason, but since I am more familiar with it.

Or else you can also choose the Paint Bucket tool and hit the transparent box to add color to it. But note that you have to make use of the same color for all the files.

Now use your Photoshop skill

Step 8

Now you have to Paste And Replace the edited files into the resources folder. For this, you will have to enter the Password for Authentication.

Step 9

The final step! Launch terminal and enter below command to reload the Dock.

And Woah! You’re done! Now all you have to do is check out the color of your  Mac dock. Wasn’t it worth the time? Ask yourself.

Although we have a solution for it, it would have been much better if MAC came up with the built-in ability to personalize the dock color. What did you guys feel about it? Let me know in the comments below. Your suggestions do make a difference!

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