Charter Speed Test- Check your Internet Speed

Charter Speed Test- Check your Internet Speed

Officially known as the Charter Communications Nationwide Speed Test, the Charter Speed Test is an internet speed test provided and recommended by Charter, a major US ISP. This test to check your internet speed is provided freely and while available to everyone as well. This is probably best reserved for Charter Customers that you will know about later in this article.

Charter Speed Test- Check your Internet Speed

How to Test Your Bandwidth with the Charter Speed Test?

Just as other speed tests, the Charter Test can be conducted within a simple easy to do method.

  • Firstly visit the website and wait until the page loads. Since this test uses Flash, make sure that your device and browser can support that.
  • Now, Tap on the Begin Test Button in the middle of the Screen.
  • Lastly, wait for all the three tests to have completed that would take you hardly more than a minute.

When you are done with the above process, you will see a summary screen showing your Upload and Download Bandwidth, along with a graphical representation of your internet speed over the time it took to test it.

At the bottom of that, you will see some plaintexts results as well. If you plan on making an argument to Charter about your too high-slow internet speed connection.

How the Charter Speed Test Works?

Now the questions on what basis does this Charter Speed test works might be triggering you. So let me make it clear first, it isn’t really much complicated since it works by downloading and uploading certain specifically sized pieces of Data and logging how long that takes. You can know those Mbps numbers by calculating through some simple math.

The software used by Charters Speed Test is the OOKLA software, that is the most generally used software by most of the ISPs and major test providers like as well.

Now you might be wondering what makes any random OOKLA software test and Charter Speed Test unlike? So, the major difference between these two is that Charter Auto-connects to the closest test server hosted on Charter’s Network. This means that the test isn’t really very much accurate but anyhow, the accuracy with Internet speeds is always somewhat subjective to be reliable on them.

charter speed test

The accuracy of the Charter Speed

If you are using the Charter Speed Test to see how well your connection between your home computer setup and Charter’s Servers that provide your Internet Service are, then this is the ‘Accurate’ test for that.

But if you are interested in the more realistic assessment of your internet connection and how it performs in the “real internet” then I suggest you a non-flash (HTML5), non-ISP hosted test like SpeedOf.Me and

The internet is a complex network of servers, routers, and other such devices. Each and every service you use online uses a different path from you to there back again. How fast each path can move information depends on a lot of factors.

Using the Charter Speed test when you are not a Charter Customer:

Some ISPs limit their speed tests to customers on their own network, but the Charter doesn’t do this, especially offering a public speed test at their own cost. So while you are certainly welcome to use Charter’s Speed Test to benchmark your internet connection, it is probably less helpful than testing with your own ISP’s speed test or one of those non-flash testing sites I have linked to above.

Why Can You not access the Speed Test?

There might be two possible reasons if you cannot or are not able to access the Speed Test:

1. You might be a Time Warner Cable Internet Customer.

To make the speed test as effective as possible, access has been restricted to our Time Warner Cable Internet customer accounts.

2. You might be connected to your Time Warner Cable Internet Account.

You will not be able to access the Speed Test unless you are on your internet account at home. For example, if you are connecting from AOL, work, Friend’s home or any place other than your Time Warner Cable Internet access point you will not be able to connect to the speed test.

Hope you found the article useful! If you have any queries or get any difficulties in processes mentioned above to know your internet speed, you can let us know in the comment section below.

We will be glad to help you!

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