How To Download Google Assistant On iPhone or iPad

How To Download Google Assistant On iPhone or iPad

So all of you iOS users might be using iOS SIRI, but Google Assistant was proved better than IOS SIRI after doing some Tests. From allowing you to send emails, text messages, find places, make reservations and bookings, answer all your wildest and weirdest questions, Google Assistant is fully equipped to stand up to your task with aplomb. Here you can know how o use and Download Google Assistant further as you scroll down.

So not wasting any of your time further, Today I will let you know how to get Google Assistant on Your iPhone or iPad.

But before that,

Note: Google says, you must be at least 17 years old to download this app. It requires iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9.1 or above.

Again one hurdle that is a must, there are some pre-requirements for installing the assistant.

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  • Your iOS Verison should be 9 or above.
  • Your device has active internet connection while installing and Using the feature.
  • Your iPhone or iPad should have at least 1 GB free space in the internal memory.

Download Google Assistant For iOS

How To Download Google Assistant On iPhone or iPad 1

Steps to Install Google Assistant On iOS –

#1.Firstly You have to DOWNLOAD Google Assistant Allo App.

#2.Then Open the App.

#3.You will have to now give Your Phone Number For Confirmation.

#4.Simply Enter your phone number and enter the Verification code.

#5.Now Enter Your Name and set a picture.

#6.Now You will enter the app.

#7.Now you will be able to see Google assistant Option.

#8.Just click and Open it and enjoy.

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How to Use Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Now, After the Above process being finished, I assume that you might have installed and set up Google Assistant on your iOS device. Now open the App and tap on the tiny microphone button you see at the bottom center.

Step #2. Secondly, get your queries answered by Assistant. Be it any random question or anything work related. And you will be amazed by the real quick prompt and accurate response you get!

You can make use of this wonderful app to play your favorite track, send emails, set reminders, etc.

Signing Off:

With the arrival of Google Assistant, there would be more pressure on Siri to come up as better. Though Apple’s Virtual Assistant has turned out to be much better than earlier, it still has to get some way to be as sharp as Cortana or Google Assistant. Although Google’s Virtual assistant will not have as much full-fledged functionality on the iOS device as on Android due to certain limitations it is still worth and good enough to give Siri a long run competition.


Hope the above article helped you. If you come across any difficulties, do let us know in the comment section below.

We are glad to help you!


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