How To download paid Apps for Free on Android

download paid Apps for Free on Android: Who does not want an app that has a hefty amount only to use at no cost? When it comes to paid apps, they do have a sort of quality that comes with a price. However, we do not always prefer to spend our money earned by hard work on some mere short-lived entertainment purpose. And knowing your hurdles, developers have somehow managed to create mediums that provide you almost all the paid apps for free for Android.

And the same we will be sharing to you to deliver these techniques and mediums with the help of which you can download paid apps for free. In this article, you will come across three different methods to choose from for Downloading Paid apps for free for Android devices.

How to Download Paid Apps for free for Android?

Here are three methods by which you can download the Paid Apps for free for Android Smartphone or Tablet. According to your convenience, you can make use of any method to reach your ultimate goal.

How To download paid Apps for Free on Android

Method 1: Download Paid Apps for free for Android through Mobogenie

Another aid you can get for downloading paid apps for free on Android is Mobogenie. To introduce you with Mobogenie, it is one kind of a market that helps you download paid apps at no cost but does contain ads, pop-ups. If you are one of those who absolutely hate ads stuff, in such cases, it would be better to stay an arm’s distance away from this app.

But if you do not consider these pop-up ads to be annoying, you can give this app one shot. It does have a user-friendly interface along with a weather widget that would make your experience smoother.

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Method 2: Download Paid Apps for free for Android via Black Mart Alpha

Most of the people may not be aware of this very app that can be called another Google Play Store for Android lovers. This app contains a huge number of other apps that can be downloaded on any Android Smartphone. You get to download paid apps for free via this app called Black Mart Alpha. Here you will get almost all the applications that you come across in Google Play Store.

Download Paid Apps for free for Android via Black Mart Alpha

 Step 1. Download the Black mart Alpha app on your Android phone and then install it. You can visit their website- to install the latest version or in case the link given does not work.

Step 2. Once you install the app, open it and in the search bar, type the name of the app that is paid and you want to download for free.

Note: Just like other apps or more specifically shopping apps, you can filter the search options to find more accurate options of apps to choose from. For this purpose, you can go to Sort Mode> Set it to Rating> Select Sort Order> Set it to descending> Select Filter and set it to paid. And your search results will be filtered by the app accordingly.

Step 3. When the app appears on the screen, click on the download button and enjoy the latest version of the paid app, all for free.

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Alternatives to Google Play Store to download Free Apps:

1Mobile Market

If you are in search of one of the quality places made for Global Android Users specifically and where numerous safe apps and downloads are provided, then my friend, you have dropped at the right place.

This website provides you over 1,600,000 free apps and games. It proves to be advanced android users since it is free, fast and ensures reliable downloading.


Another Android Oriented Platform that is made for Android Users that brings to your service various apps. GetApk makes it easy to find newly added apps. However, this app is not properly coded and that is the reason why users may find it quite hard to use. Nevertheless, it will not fail to provide you the apps you want for your Android.


9Apps, as you might have heard, is the World’s largest third-party Android application store.  With currently daily app downloads of up to 26 Million, it has become one of the biggest distribution platforms. Over here, you can find almost all the apps, all for free. With time, it has certainly turned out to be the best alternative over the internet globe for Google Play Store.

Amazon App Store

Speaking in the sense of popularity, Amazon App Store comes next to Google Play Store. There is no web interface for Amazon app store users need to install the .apk for using it. The apps are categorized just like Google play store it is user-friendly too. You can download it from here.

Method 3: Download Paid Apps for free for Android by searching .apk file on Google

At times, you will be unable to find the desired app on BlackMart. At times like this, you can use this method for downloading any of the paid apps you wish to download for free.

I would also want to bring it to your notice that this is the most reliable method I Found. Maybe in the steps given above you may not find the app you want to download but through this method, you can easily have your hands on them.

Download Paid Apps for free for Android by searching .apk file on Google

Here are a few top most websites that would help you in providing free .apk files.


You can surely let us know if you are aware of more such related websites that provide .apk files for free.

Here is the procedure to download the paid apps you want for free for your Android device.

Step 1. First of all, go to any of the websites given above or any other similar if you know that provide paid apps for free on Android device. These apps come with the exact name of whatever app you want to download in the format- app-name.apk

Step 2.  On the website, click on the name of the app you want to download or the link is given beside it. Install the same on your phone.

Step 3. And you are done! No complex intricate steps to ruin your dreams of having a paid at free. You are done here. You can have all the fun on the apps all for free!

Wrapping Up:

Hope you guys found the article useful in downloading paid apps for free for Android. I assume you all found the article useful. In my opinion, searching the Apk file on Google or using the Black Mart App are the best time-saving options to try for downloading paid apps for free on  Android phone.

If you come across any difficulties or have any queries to ask us, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you. Keep visiting our page for more such tech-related articles. Or you can also subscribe to our Newsletter for receiving timely notifications of our posts.

How To download paid Apps for Free on Android
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