Google Photos just got New Powerful Feature from Google

We are all quite aware of this ridiculous yet appreciating fact that now-a-days, Smartphones are more of the “Camera” use rather than a phone. And this is what making marketers and developers all around the world to create softwares and updates that would add to the specificity of the Camera function. Basically expanding the normal camera of any smartphone and bombarding it with features that would give an overall amazing performance than usual. So, want to know what is this powerful feature that Google just added to Google Photos?, Well, you gotta keep reading further!

What’s the Amazingly Powerful Feature that Google just added to Google Photos?

Being true to the real exact situation of our world, any Smartphone has eventually turned out more as an equipment to click extraordinary pictures than just use it as a phone. This has been the biggest contribution for this decade, for sure! Many smartphone companies for example, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus and One Plus T, and even iPhone have and  are constantly engaged in creating more diverse varieties in case of Camera and its functioning.

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So when such bigger companies have taken up this adaptation with newer acceptance of smartphones, why would Google leave itself behind? And to surprise us all, Google has just created an amazing feature to add to its Google Photos Photo App so as to enhance its impact and serve people with more betters.

Although Google does not showcase any news and improvements in terms of the tech giant Google Services and Hardware. These small revolutions surely make a big difference to its users.

Basically this feature consists of improvements and proposing corrections with the view point of framing and also in the color of photographs. In short, the photos will be evaluated by Google Photos. Noticeable is that the people present in the photo will also be recognized and will be sent to the users, their photographs. Now that sounds cool!

With these smaller ones, another feature that would be added is- Google photos will now use the Power of Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI. What this feature does is, colorizing the Black and White photos and this definitely stands out to be the best one for me, at least!


Also, another one coming out of the box is that soon Google Photos Enhancements will also be made available for its users by the tech giant Google.

So this was all about the feature that Google recently added to its Google Photos. For me this stood out to be pretty well. What do you guys think on this? Do let us know below in the comment box.

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