iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6S – What’s The Difference?

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Is it worth upgrading Apple’s latest iPhone?

The iPhone 6S looks like a minor upgrade from the iPhone 6. But, That’s actually far from the truth.

In short – No. While the iPhone 6S looks identical to the iPhone 6, Under the surface there is a major difference between the two phones.

Let’s see What’s The Different between the two phones. 

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – dimensions 

iPhone 6S: 7.1mm thick, 143g, series 7000 anodized aluminum back, Space Grey, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.

iPhone 6: 6.9mm thick, 129g, series 6300 anodized aluminum back, Space Grey, Silver, Gold.

While it’s still a great-looking phone, The iPhone 6S is actually slightly larger than the iPhone 6 and 14g heavier also. There is one improvement is the upgrade build material series 7000 aluminum Which makes the phone 3x stronger as opposed to the 6300 series used in the iPhone 6.iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6S - What's The Difference? 1

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Screen Size 

iPhone 6S – 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD, 1334 x 750 pixels ” 326 ppi “, 65.6% screen to body ratio, 3D Touch, 504 nits brightness.

iPhone 6 – 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD, 1334 x 750 pixels ” 326 ppi “, 65.6% screen to body ratio, 504 nits brightness.

Yes, the clear differentiation here is the 3D Touch. What is 3D Touch?

iPhone 6S – 3D Touch 

iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6S - What's The Difference? 2

3D Touch detects the pressure of screen contact and so launch different commands. You can also use it to preview links, Camera, emails, and photos.

3D touch is the reason why iPhone 6S is a thicker than iPhone 6. The problem with 3D Touch is not all third-party apps support  3D Touch.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Performance 

iPhone 6S – Apple A9 64-bit CPU dual core 1.84GHz, PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2GB RAM.

iPhone 6 – Apple A8 – 64-bit CPU dual-core 1.4HGHz, PowerVR GX6450 GPU, 1GB RAM.

While the number implies the iPhone 6S had an advantage, It delivers a CPU power receives a nice 70 percent boost, while GPU performance has increased by a whopping 90% better. The iPhone 6S is quick and silky smooth to use.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Camera specs 

iPhone 6S – 12MP, Phase detection, Dual LED flash, 4k video recording, 5MP front selfie camera, F2.4 aperture, 720p video recording.

iPhone 6 – 8MP, Phase detection, Dual LED flash, 1080p video, 1.2MP front selfie camera, F2.4 aperture, 720P video recording.

The iPhone 6 came with an Awesome 8MP sensor, packed with larger pixels to allow more light into your shots.

The iPhone 6S camera is a disappointment. Yes, It’s still excellent but it offers very little improvement to the iPhone 6. That increase in detail is carried through to video, which is now 4K.

The major improvement is a front camera, Which is upgraded from 1.2MP to 5MP with the fastest aperture.

Apple iPhone 6S vs Apple iPhone 6

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Battery Life 

iPhone 6S – 1715 mAh non removable battery.

iPhone 6 – 1810 mAh non removable battery.

Yes, you read that right, The iPhone 6S actually has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6S. Apple says that improved power in iOS 9 and the new low Power Mode ensure the iPhone 6S’s battery life is similar to the iPhone 6, and it’s largely right.

Apple also continues to ignore fast charging so its phones take almost two hours to charge.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Storage And Price 

iPhone 6S – 16GB-$649 /64GB-$749 /128GB-$849 internal storage, non-expandable storage.

iPhone 6 – 16GB-$549 /64GB-$649 internal storage, non-expandable storage.

The storage options on these two iPhones are identical, But Apple has deemed it. acceptable to continue offering a 16GB base model.

Still, 16GB isn’t enough for modern high-end smartphones. it is worse with the iPhone 6S because it has 12MP camera sensor produces 50% larger Photos and 4K video recording requires double the space of 1080p making it the equivalent of a 6-10GB iPhone 6.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 – Fingerprint sensor 

iPhone 6S – Touch ID

iPhone 6 – Touch ID

Once again, Touch ID is available, enabling you to unlock your phone with your Fingerprint. Apple has upped its speed. it also seems to be more accurate. Touch ID on the iPhone 6S and 6 jumps straight back to the front of the pack.

It’s got to the point with the iPhones 6S where it’s actually quite tricky to hit the home button to see the time without unlocking the phone.

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