Lenovo K5 Note 2018 Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix – TIPS & TRICKS ?

Let us accept this very fact, no one likes a faulty smartphone. When you keep more or less your whole life on a device, you need that gadget to keep functioning properly. Yes, that is an obligation by all means. Unfortunately, bugs, crashes, and other issues are inevitable, especially as your phone gets older. On the bright side, many of the most common issues have relatively simple fixes—which you can perform yourself. And so are we here, bringing for you a guide on how to fix the bugs and troubles coming on your way in using the Lenovo K5 Note .

Lenovo K5 Note General Features

Lenovo K5 Note 2018 Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix – TIPS & TRICKS ?

Here are a few highlighted features and specifications of the Lenovo K5 Note smartphone.

  • The Lenovo K5 Note comes with a 6.0 inches display and a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels. A total of pixels per inch.
  • Lenovo K5 Note has the Android operating system of Android Oreo.
  • Lenovo K5 Note has a Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 Chipset with Adreno 506 GPU.
  • Under the hood, Lenovo K5 Note comes with a camera sensor of 16MP + 2MP Dual Rear Camera and 8MP Front shooter.
  • It has a memory of 3/4GB of RAM and 32/64GB of  Storage.
  • The battery is Non-Removable with 3760mAh


Before you get started, a word of warning: You won’t be able to fix every problem yourself. If these solutions don’t do the trick, you might have to take your handset to a professional repair shop, or upgrade a Lenovo K5 Note . But while you shouldn’t tinker with your finely-tuned smartphone the way you would with, say, a car engine, you do have options.

IdeviceHelp.net will not be responsible for any sort of loss or damage caused by any of the tips you follow from the guide. Although after carefully working  on your problems as per the given guide you may not really face any big issues as such.

Here are some of the most common Lenovo K5 Note problems you’ll encounter, and how to fix them.

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1. Memory or SD Card not detected in the Lenovo K5 Note :

If you get any memory related problems with the Lenovo K5 Note , you can check for the below solutions.

Solution 1. And back to the Oldest hack, Beginning with, try restarting your phone and check if the things are under your control. No matter what this is the key to make the

Solution 2. Keep you eyes at place. Make sure if the memory card you are using is of fine quality. Try to remove and insert it again and properly. Check and make sure there is no physical damage on the card.  The memory card slot on the phone might be damaged. Any such sort of physical damage may be the reason for your Lenovo K5 Note not detecting the SD Card.

Solution 3. Format the card before using in case it is already used in another phone.

Solution 4. The card might be having a technical glitch related to it.

Solution 5. If the memory card  is completely filled, delete some data and create some room for in it.

Solution 6. There appear to be mostly two types of micro SD Cards in the market all over. One is SDHC and other being SDXC. Before getting your hands on them, know which one is compatible with your phone.

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2. Backlight turning On and Off by its own

This problem when encountered on Lenovo K5 Note , just know that it isn’t any big issue as such. This is not the most serious problem in the world but it can be a bit annoying when your phone, out of the blue, turns the screen on in the middle of the night just to turn it off in a few seconds. I guess it can also significantly reduce the battery life. And hence, you got to work on it as soon as possible.

Solution 1. In one phone this Android problem disappeared on its own  as suddenly as it appeared.  In some phones it was enough to restart the phone (hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap  Restart).

Solution 2. However, for others where restarting does not work anymore for this hurdle, the problem would not disappear until you restore the factory settings. To do that,  go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset Phone. Do Remember about backup.

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3. Connectivity Issues:

Connectivity of any smartphone plays a crucial role. Not everyone prefers SIM Cards or online Data sharing apps like Xender or Shareit. Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connectivity shares a great part in any smart phone’s in its features. In the Lenovo K5 Note , you get a Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC, Headphone jack and Wi-Fi Direct. For wired connectivity, you get a Micro USB v2.0 with OTG, Charging and Mass Storage Function.

With all of these quality features also come some problems. Some of which being quite serious and others real common and easy to access. Here are some solutions if you get any such problems with the connectivity of your Lenovo K5 Note .

For Bluetooth Connectivity problems, you can try these:

Solution 1. To begin with the simplest and easiest you can do, turn Off your Bluetooth and then turn it On again. Trust me this works the best for everybody.

Solution 2 . At one time, don’t select large number of files for transferring.

Solution 3. If the Power Saving Mode of your device is enabled, disable it

Solution 4. Check once if your device is connected to the nearby device first.

Solution 5. Follow the proper process required to connect to new devices.

Solution 6. Clean the Cache of the Bluetooth App before expecting it to work great.

Solution 7. Erase the names of previously connected devices in the history of Bluetooth.

Solution 8. Close all the apps that have access to Bluetooth if they are running in the background.

Solution 9. Check if the files or data you wish to share does not have any virus or compatibility problems.

Solution 10. Make sure that the Bluetooth Antenna works properly and isn’t damaged internally.

Solution 11. Make sure you are not violating the Bluetooth User’s policies.

Solution 12. The least you can do is reset your device but make sure you have a backup of your whole data first or else you may loose it in the process.

For Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues, here are the solutions you can try:

Solution 1. First of all, try restarting the router and the modem as well. This is the simplest way to make it work again.

Solution 2. Open the LAN Settings and check if they are not disabled.

Solution 3. Open the Wi-Fi you are willing to connect. Click on it and then click on ‘Forget’, Search for it again and reconnect with it.

Solution 4. The apps having access to Wi-Fi should be closed of thy are running in the background.

Solution 5. The internet service might no longer be available. Check for it.

Solution 6. Make sure that there isn’t any physical damage caused to the modem.

Solution 7. Check for the configuration of the modem.

Solution 8. If the allotted bandwidth has already been used, the problem may exist due to this reason also.

Solution 9. There might be a weak signal strength.

Solution 10. If it isn’t wireless, check the cable connection and know if the wires are connected properly or not.

Solution 11. If the modem has a number of devices connected to it, try disconnecting a few.

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4. Battery Runs Flat Way too Fast:

This is one of the most often Android problems. Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that our Android device will never run for as long as old simple mobile phones used to some years ago. This is the price we have to pay for having the smartest devices in the world.

However, we can always do something to extend the battery life here and there and, overall, the above price won’t be so high!

Solution 1. To put it simply, you have to get rid of anything that’s eating up your battery unnecessarily. In most cases, this will be WiFi (enabled and not used), GPS, a number of unnecessary apps running in the background, screen brightness set to maximum or ads from free apps and games for Android. You should also use some battery app to manage apps.

Solution 2. Firstly , figure out if you can lay the battery drain blame on one or two apps. In Android, you can check this through the Battery entry in Settings. If you do identify a few energy hogs, remove them from your phone to see if the problem clears up.

Solution 3. While you’re poking around the Battery menu, you can access the special battery saver mode. Turning this one  on will not fix your underlying problems, but it can give you a bit more time between charges.

Solution 4. If you remember the last app you installed after which the problem arrives, un-install the same.

Solution 5. To extend battery life even further, at least temporarily, dim the brightness of the display or put the phone in airplane mode periodically. Location tracking can also drain your battery—switch it off in Android in Settings > Location.

Solution 6. Don’t charge your phone in a manner that is not recommended by the manufacturer. Always charge your phone with the original charger. Make sure the problem is not there due to faulty power socket, power bank, charging cable or the charging adapter.

5. Apps causing Hindrance:

Even when glitches are only hitting one or two apps, they can slow down your Lenovo K5 Note . So start by figuring out whether your issues are happening with a lot of different apps or just a few. If it’s the latter, you might be able to repair the situation by deleting the data that the problem programs store on your phone.

Solution 1. On Lenovo K5 Note , open Settings, go to Apps & notifications, then App info, choose the troublesome app, and tap Storage. Here, you have two options. For a first resort, choose Clear Cache to erase just the temporary files that the app stores on your phone (when these grow too numerous or become corrupted, they can mess with the app’s speed and power). Clearing the cache won’t mess with the app’s settings, but it may not be enough to solve your issue. If it doesn’t help, then select Clear Data to erase all of the app’s information and start again from scratch.

Solution 2. The old uninstall-reinstall trick will also work on Android phones, if the clearing-data trick failed: Open your app directory, tap and hold on the app’s icon, and drag it up to the Uninstall button. This method has the added advantage of making sure you’re running the latest version of the app,

which will have all the updated patches and bug fixes. Before you jump into uninstall-reinstall, however, you’ll need to back up the app data, whether it’s documents or high scores, if you want to get it back. Most apps can now store data in the cloud, but it can’t hurt to double check.

Solution 3. If you’re still experiencing issues with an app even after uninstalling and reinstalling it, it might be time to contact the developer directly with the details of your issue. Remember to include a thorough description and note the mobile device you’re using. Developer contact details can usually be found on the app’s online listing.

 6. Third Part Launcher automatically shifts to Default One:

You decided to use a third party launcher like Go Launcher or Nova Launcher but every time you switch between apps or, worse, restart your phone it switches back to the default launcher and you lose all your settings, widgets etc. This is very annoying but you can easily get rid of that problem.

Solution, All you have to do is set your third party launcher as a default launcher and the problem will disappear.  Just tape the Home button two times  and the phone will ask Complete the action using so choose your launcher and press Always.

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7. Pop Up Menu Does not appear after pressing power Button Or Power Button not Working:

This is also one of the most often encountered Android problems. When you hold the power button for a few seconds, a small Phone options menu will or, at least, should appear.

This menu allows you to power off your phone, turn off or on airplane mode or restart your phone. However, at some point this function simply stops working and the phone wouldn’t react to holding the power button. (I assume this might have happened with most of you).

Solution 1. This Android problem is a real pain in the neck. Unfortunately, restarting the phone or turning it off and on didn’t help. The only thing that worked was restoring factory settings.

To do that, do go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset Phone of Lenovo K5 Note . Before you do that, remember to backup your settings with either a third party app or use the default function also available under Backup & reset > Backup & restore.

8. Google Play not Responding:

Google play is the main hub for downloading android apps in android mobile. If you download android apps in android mobile from google play store and you are getting the error like not downloading, so this is a serious problem. When you can’t download android apps, you can’t do anything in your Lenovo K5 Note . To sort out this errors follow some simple methods.

Solution 1. You need to remove and add your Google Account, Removing it and add your account can solve your problems within minutes.

Solution 2. You can Clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services. This will fix the problems.

Solution 3. If the problem still pursues, then you need to head over Google Play store in “Apps” and then select the option of “Uninstall updates.”

Solution 4. Make sure the Download Manager App is On and it is working.

Solution 5. Refresh the data sync settings on your device.

Solution 6. Reset your device to factory settings.

Solution 7. Reset your Google account by removing your Google accounts from your device and adding them once again.

Solution 8. Uninstall Google Play Store updates and reinstall them to solve the problem.

Solution 9. Update the software on your device.

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9. Locked Out of Android Lenovo K5 Note

If you have forgotten your lock screen password, then there are two ways to get inside the phone depending on your Android OS version. Below is the explanation for the same.

Android 4.4 Kitkat and Below Devices

If your phone is running Android 4.4 and below Android version, then simply make wrong password attempts 5 times. You should see an option of “Forgot Password” after the 5th attempt. Tap on it and provide your connected Google account details to reset the lock screen.

Android 5.0 Lollipop and Above Devices

Unfortunately, Android 5.0 and above version of Android are more secure and won’t give you any option to recover your password. You will have to factory reset your device from outside the phone to remove the lock screen password. This will delete all your data in the process, so if you don’t have a backup already, there is nothing you can now.

If your phone is still connected to WiFi, then you can go to ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER website to remotely reset your device. However, if it is offline, then you will have to go to your phone’s “Recovery mode” to reset it.

Every Android phone has a different method to access recovery mode, so you will have to search online for the method to access it in your particular Android phone. Once inside the recovery mode, use volume keys to reach the “Wipe phone” option and press the power button to factory reset the phone.

10. Signal or Network (SIM Card) Issues

To fix a no signal problem in Lenovo K5 Note , you must first find out if the problem lies in your device or if it is the SIM that may be causing the problem.

Solution 1. Restart your device

Solution 2. Toggle Airplane mode to fix the problem

Solution 3. Check if the SIM card is inserted properly or not

Solution 4. Check the settings of your device and make sure that mobile network is selected automatically

Solution 5. Make sure your device is broadcasting the radio signals properly

Solution 6. Update your phone’s firmware

Solution 7. If your device’s IMEI is corrupted or null then you will have to restore the IMEI of your device.

11. GPS (Global Positioning System) Issues

If your Lenovo K5 Note is giving you the wrong location or it if GPS is not working as expected then follow these solutions to fix the problem:

Solution 1. Toggle your GPS from the notifications area and check if the problem is fixed

Solution 2. Toggle Airplane Mode from the notifications area

Solution 3. Remove the phone case and try to use your GPS

Solution 4. If Power Saving mode is switched on then switch it off and try to use the GPS

Solution 5. Check the location settings of your device and make sure that High Accuracy option is selected under mode so that the device uses the GPS, Wi-Fi, and your device’s network to identify the location

Solution 6. Update Google Maps

Solution 7. Update your Android device’s firmware

Solution 8. Clear cache and data for Google Maps

Solution 9 Use a third-party app from the Play store like GPS Status and Toolbox App to ensure that your device’s GPS works efficiently

Solution 10. Check the settings for other apps that require location services to function

Solution 11. Wipe the cache partition of your device

Solution 12. Reset the device to factory settings.

12. Android Boot Problems:

For the Android Boot problems in Lenovo K5 Note , here are a few handy solutions you can give a shot in case you face them.

Solution 1. Charge your Android device. There is a possibility that the boot problem is arising from a dead battery.

Solution 2. Remove the battery from your device. Wait for 30 seconds and reinsert the battery.

Solution 3. Soft reset your device and check if it powers on as expected.

Solution 4. Remove the SD card of your device and power on your Android. This will resolve problems arising out of a corrupt SD card.

Solution 5.Wipe the cache partition of your device.

Solution 6. Restart your device in Safe mode and check if it is working. If your device powers on properly then the problem may arise from a third party app. Uninstall the app that may be causing the problem.

Solution 7. The last resort to you is to Reset your device to factory settings.

13. Key Board Issues ( “Unfortunately, Key Board has stopped”)

When the keyboard on your device does not work, it can cause a lot of problems for you. Sending messages or emails will come to a complete stop when the keyboard is not working. Use these solutions to fix the problem.

Solution 1. Restart the keyboard from the settings menu of your device

Solution 2. Back to our Age old traditional way of handling our Android related problems-Restarting your device.

Solution 3. Clear the cache and data of the key board app on your Lenovo K5 Note .

Solution 4. Try deleting the cache and the data files of any dictionary app present on your Lenovo K5 Note .

Solution 5. You might also want to reset the phone settings to make your key board work somehow.

Solution 6. If this all fails and the stock key board app still does not work then it is time for you to make use of a third party application. (If you want to). It isn’t the only choice, you can try the solutions given below as well.

Solution 7. Restart Lenovo K5 Note in Safe Mode and Check if the Stock Key board app works now. If it is, then the third party application is causing the problems. Surely your next step would be directly uninstalling the apps you think might be a reason for causing this trouble.

14. Camera Errors:

Although the features of Lenovo K5 Note are all really good and enhance the quality of photo, you may at times come across some common problems with it. Here are some of the solutions to a bad quality camera experience.

Solution 1. Starting with the most common first, make sure you clean the lens before using the camera. A dirty lens can surely help with ruining the picture. Look if the camera has any sort of internal damage as this may cause disturbance in the quality.

Solution 2. Delete the cache and data files of gallery app.

Solution 3. Another reason for a bad picture can be that you might not be using the camera through its default app.

Solution 4. The most easy exercise would be to restart your camera or restart the phone itself.

Solution 5. Do remember to timely clear the data files of your camera app.

Solution 6. Try to select the mode of shooting as per the situation around to get better results. From the Camera Settings, choose the output mode for the pictures as HD. Do note to focus on the object before snapping. This can enhance the quality in many ways. Give importance to flash light since it can change the picture results thoroughly.

Rounding Up:

This was all about the Common problems that you may come across in your Lenovo K5 Note and its respective solutions that you can easily carry out at home. Although not all the problems can be treated well at home but they might help you cover problems that are curable. Hope you found the article useful in solving your issues. If you come across any difficulties through out the procedure you can let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you.

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