Lucky Patcher APK 7.4.5 Official ☑️ Download for Android

Lucky Patcher APK 7.4.5 Official Download for Android

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher App is an android tool to change permission on android apps, block adds, get free in-app purchases from android apps and games. Lucky patcher can be used on Android and on PC or windows as well! It’s just that you will need to install bluestacks on your PC. This app is indeed a boon for all those crazy game lovers as it helps in cracking almost all android games to enjoy them to the fullest.

Lucky Patcher App



How does Lucky Patcher App work?

Lucky Patcher App works on the principle that it either replaces original code with new modified one or in some cases removes original to get required features. Like, if you wish to remove the License verification with the help of patcher, it will remove that part of the code which is written to check License from the app. The main Backbone of how these app works are that Custom Patches are made manually for each app and game. The reason for this not known to us for why bypassing license verification works only on 50% of cases. However, blocking ads works perfectly and this need not depend on luck, it will work for all and efficiently.

Requirements to Use LP app

LP App requires certain conditions to work on with. If these conditions are not obtained there will be some irregular drawbacks noticed.

  1. It requires the Android device to be Rooted. Non-rooted devices may lose some of the advantages of LP app.
  2. It Requires RAM of at least 2GB to function properly.
  3. Free internal Storage of 10GB is required for the app to function optimally.
  4. The Android phone you are using must be of a smarter version- 2.3.3+(Gingerbread and above). It also works efficiently on Windows 7/8 and 10.
Apart from this LP also requires some permissions from your Android device
  1. Permission to the approximate location.
  2. Permission to read the contents of the memory card.
  3. Permission to draw over the other apps and to modify system settings.
  4. Permission to modify or delete SD card contents.


Lucky Patcher APK:- Download 

LuckyPatcher APK is easy to use. It can manipulate apps that otherwise cannot be manipulated. Although it is a remarkable tool, there are a few apps that Lucky Patcher cannot modify. This is mainly because of the security encryptions and entry restrictions that some applications have.

Note:- Bookmark our blog for regular updates of the app. 

Download Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version and Install on Android device

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher Latest Version APK on Android Phone. So Without Wasting Any More time let’s Begin the Installation Guide.

Step 1:- First of all Download Lucky Patcher APK from Download Section above.

Step 2:- Now, You have you enable unknown sources. To do this Setting –> Security –> Unknown Sources.

Lucky Patcher Latest Version 7.1.0

Step 3:- Now Tap on APK to Install it.

Lucky Patcher APK

Step 4:- Once the Installation Completes, Open the application and enter your phone number.

Lucky Patcher APK for Android phone

Step 5:- That’s all! Now you are ready to Play with Lucky patcher app.

LuckyPatcher apk

 How to use Lucky Patcher app to hack In-app Purchase

Hacking In-App purchases will help you earn points, any character and jump to any level without paying any money and hence enhance your gaming experience.

Step 1:- First of all Download and Install Lucky Patcher APK.Latest Lucky Patcher APK

Step 2:- Now open the LP app and tap on the app which you want to patch. For Example, we’ve chosen Inshot app.

Lucky Patcher

Step 3:- Now tap on Open Menu of patches. 

Lucky Patcher APK

Step 4:- You will see one pop up. then you need to tan on Create Modified APK File.

Latest Lucky Patcher APK Download

Step 5:- Now you will see a bunch of options. from there you need to select APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation.

Lucky Patcher APK

Step 6:- Now click on Rebuild The app and then you need to wait for few minutes.

LP Apk

Step 7:- Now the app will show you if the patch was installed successfully or not. If it is successfully installed then tap on go to file. Now Select Uninstall and install option.

Lucky Patcher APK 7.4.5 Official ☑️ Download for Android 1

Step 8:- Now LP app will ask you to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Lucky Patcher APK 7.4.5 Official ☑️ Download for Android 2

Step 9:- Now you have t open modified app and you can do InApp purchases for free.

That’s it Now you can enjoy a premium app for free.

How to Apply Custom Patch Using Lucky Patcher

Step 1:- Watch for the app/game that has  “Custom Patch Available” below, then click the same.

Step 2:- Select Open Menu of Patches=> Custom Patch. If many custom patches are available you can select any one and try other if first fails.

Step 3:- After applying, wait for a few minutes until ‘patches are applied’ is seen.

Step 4:- If you see the Patches Couldn’t be applied’ message, try upgrading or downgrading your app/game version as said by the patcher.

How to Remove Ads Using Lucky Patcher

Most of us get interrupted by those irrelevant ads that pop up while playing games on apps and this necessarily causes irritation. However, you can easily get rid of those useless ads just within a few clicks :

Click on the Open Menu of the Patches=>Remove Google ads=>Patch to remove Google ads=> Apply.

How to use Lucky Patcher App On Windows or for PC?

Step 1:- From the link provided here download the app.

Step 2:- After downloading Lucky patcher, Download rooted Bluestacks and install it on your PC/Laptop. You can search for rooted bluestacks on google.

Step 3:- Double-click on the .apk file of lucky patcher you downloaded before. Bluestacks window will appear and it will be installed.

Step 4:- Further processes are the same as on android phone to enjoy this incredible app.

Pros Of Lucky Patcher App

1:- LP  works on Non-rooted devices as well as rooted devices.

2:- Convenient Hassle free tool.

3:-  Gets Free In-app Purchases in Android Apps and games. With the help of this app, you can easily unlock premium stuff from apps or games and enjoy them without paying anything.

4:- Install modded play store.

5:- You might have heard the rumors that this app may harm your device but this isn’t true really. Till now, there are more than 20 Million users of LP but no one gt their device damaged in any case. This app is 100% safe to use.

6:- Remove ads from installed free apps and games and enjoy without any interruption.

7:- Apply custom Patch to get a full version of apps or some special features.

8:- There are many useful apps but ask for special permissions which are not required. Unauthorized app permission may cause harm, but with the use of LP you can easily modify your apps and edit their permissions using LP.

9:- Remove License Verification from paid apps.

10:- One of the most remarkable features of LP app is that using this tweak you can manage your system apps. Convert app to system app and remove system apps with this feature. This option requires root access to work as system apps are in root.

11:- By the App Options, you can move the apps from internal storage to SD card and free up space on your device.

12:- You can also backup your apps and their data for future use with the backup apps option.

13:- App cloning options are also available, you can clone your apps easily.

14:- You can root any game including Temple Run, Subway Surf, Rail Rush, Hill Climbing, Highway Rider, etc.

Cons of Lucky Patcher App

1. Not all the games and apps are supported on lucky patcher app since all games and apps are different. All of them have their own ways of securing their app from modifying is the default system modifying programs may work for some apps and fail for others. As well as they have different ways of securing their payments.

2. Not available for IOS yet since a huge number of updates will be required to do so.

3. This app generally depends on your ‘Luck‘. That’s where the name, Lucky Patcher comes from! You get success or not actually depends on your luck as well as skills to use this tool. Since there are many modes available for license verification, if you choose wisely of them all, you will get success and for that, you will have to work harder.

4. This app gets many updates. This happens because the apps/games for which the patches are made to get updated frequently.

5. The app runs slowly and hangs a lot at times, either because the device you are using is old and runs Android Gingerbread, for this, you can upgrade your device. Or the other reason could be that Busybox is not properly installed or your superuser app is not good. For this, you can try installing SuperSu and Busybox.

6. At times, you will get the notification that ‘Custom Patch cannot be applied’ for some games. And you will have to Upgrade/Downgrade the particular app/game since custom patch couldn’t be applied because you have a different version than the one for which the custom patch was made.

7. There is no ‘No Root Version’ of LP app available for now. Though You can install the same apk. file on a non-rooted device but some of its features may be lost.

What’s new in the Latest Lucky Patcher 7.4.5 Apk?

  1. Modded Google plays Updated.
  2. Package name changed.
  3. Custom Patches Updated.
  4. Custom patch Progress Dialog fixed.
  5. New host for Auto Updates Added.
  6. Translations updated.
  7. Performance Tweaks.
  8. InApp Billing Tweaks.
  9. Service for ads removed.
  10. Adsblocklist.txt updated.
  11. Bug Fixes.


LP is not a malware, virus or harmful app but Google Chrome may display this message- ‘ This File can be Harmful’ for every app. file that you download. This is only a warning message that can be ignored. Or as an alternative, you can Disable “Play Protect” on Play Store to hide this warning.

If your Play store is not opening and shows- ‘Force Close’ message, for this issue, you can try to clear the data in your device settings.

If Play store gets vanished from the app drawer, it is because you installed unsupported Play store. For this issue, try installing an older version.

Please Keep Lucky Patcher installed on your device otherwise if you had applied a custom patch to any app, the patch will be lost.

LP is a property of their owner, Chelpus and has only one official site, LuckyPatchers. Many websites and pages share fake lucky patcher app. The Download provided here is 100% original and taken from the official site.

This was all about the latest Lucky Patcher App version 7.4.5 and various advantages you can grab from this app at no cost. You can download LP app from the link given here and whenever it will be updated, we will update this article to let you know. If you are facing any queries or inconvenience regarding the app or any of the procedures mentioned above, you can comment down here, we are glad to help you!

Lucky Patcher APK 7.4.5 Official ☑️ Download for Android
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