Mini Militia Pro apk free download for Android

Mini Militia Pro apk free download for Android

In this guide, You will be able to Learn How to Download and Install Mini Militia Pro Apk on Android Phone. Today We are Here with Mini Militia Pro Apk for Android Phone.

Mini-Militia Pro Apk for Android Phone

Role play and shooting games are the two most played video games genres in the world. It is really amazing that you can make your own character and go through the whole storyline as if you were in it. And when roleplaying is combined with the shooting genre, it is like heaven for the gamers. Both these categories combined adds a whole new level of excitement and thrill to gaming. Earlier this combo was only available for pcs, it was a difficult task to make such games for mobile phones. Appsomaniacs LLC took the task and made an amazing game “Mini Militia” which provided a great experience of both shooting and role-playing on Android and IOS devices.  

About Mini Militia   

Mini-Militia is a role-playing cum shooting game developed by team “Appsomaniacs LLC” for Android and IOS devices. This game was the dream of every gamer who wanted to have an online shooting game for their smartphones.  

Mini-Militia is a 2D smartphone game which gives a user the freedom of designing his/her own character, choosing the weapon they want to play with and many more amazing features. There is an additional mode other than the three-main mod. The “Practice” mode where you can sharpen your shooting skills by defeating various types’ bots as you advance through the game.

This game is little off the track for shooting cum role-playing game, there is not much to the story all you need to do is to design your avatar and enjoy the game.  

Users get both online and offline options in multiplayer mode. You can customize the game to a great extent in multiplayer mode, you can choose the maps, amount of player joining the game and type of match that you want to play.  

There are two types of match available Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Choose the mode you want to play and enjoy the thrill of the match, for which the game is known worldwide.

One of the best things about mini militia apk is has a wide range of open world maps to choose.     

Mini-Militia Pro apk

Mini-Militia Pro is the continuation of the original Mini Militia, with more option and features for players to choose. Pro pack has a huge collection of weapons in each category Assault, Shotguns, Launchers, and Grenade. Costume collection is also updated, now you have more option for making the appearance of your avatar.  

With all such update, you will no longer be a noob. Pro pack will give you access to all the items that are available in the store. Also, there are new servers provided for the pro pack player, these new servers are more stable and faster than the previous ones.   

Key features of Mini Militia Pro

Everything gets appreciation only when it has some unique features thus, you need to know why Mini Militia Pro is more popular than Original Mini Militia game. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Mini-Militia Pro developers had added some new servers to add some new player in multiplayer battle.  
  2. Mini-Militia Pro apk is a Ban Free Mod thus, you can rely on this apk.
  3. All the pro packs are already opened in this app, thus you need no to pay anything to access the game completely.  
  4. Some new weapons are too added by the Mini Militia Pro team.  

Mini-Militia vs Mini Militia Pro apk

If you are confused which one to choose, which one will suit your style. Don’t worry we are here to help. If you are new to the game you must try original Mini Militia once you get used to the gameplay and controls then you can think of moving to the pro pack.  

Pro pack does not have any major updates to the gameplay just little bug fixes. Major changes that are made in the Pro pack of the game are updating the arsenal and now all items in the store are unlocked. If you are looking for early access to all the features of the game then you should go for the Pro pack otherwise if you want to progress the game in the traditional way with everything in limited and you want a restricted gameplay, the original one is the right suit for you.   

Installation procedure of Mini Militia Pro Pack

Step 1:- Get the apk file from the developers’ original web site.  

Step 2:- Go the download location of the file and click on the apk file of the game.  

Step 3:- A pop up will open asking permission for installation from the unknown source, choose to allow.  

Mini Militia Pro apk

Step 4:- Now you will be taken to the installation screen.  

Step 5:-  Choose the features that you want the game to access the phone, remember you need to give the storage and network access to the game otherwise your game will not function properly.  

Step 6:- Now click on “Install”.  

Step 7:- Wait till the game is installed successfully.  

Mini Militia Pro apk

Step 8:- Run the game from the app drawer of your phone.

Mini Militia Pro apk

Mini-Militia Pro Pack gives you access to all the items and maps available in the store. A wide a variety of weapons are also introduced to intensify the thrill and action. Mini Militia is a complete package that can satisfy your need for action and thrill.

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