How to Use Nox App Player to Play Pokemon Go on PC

Pokemon GO, a word most of you and almost every game freak have heard at least for once. This game got the game freaks crazier. And all of a sudden everybody wanted to have a glimpse of it and their hands on this game.

Use Nox App Player to Play Pokemon Go on PC

With the increasing demand, of course, people started implementing emulator methods to play this game on PC. However, disheartening is that because of the stronger security Niantic Inc. put, it has become nearly impossible to play the game through emulators.

If you go through the internet, most of the sites will be stating that you can play this game through emulators like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, etc on your PC. However, after the 0.69.0 version launched during July 2017, this isn’t a possibility to believe on.

And How am I stating this? Because I have myself tried playing this game via emulators at which I failed at the Log-in steps. Irrespective of what way you use to Log-in, Google or PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club), you will not go beyond the Log-in steps. You can yourself check out that in the steps and screenshots I have mentioned below.

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As you Log-in for the game, the Niantic Server checks and verifies your device including Android Version, Cellular Details, Data Carrier, Model Number, IMEI Number, Manufacturer and lot more. And hence they get to know if you are using an emulator or Android device for logging-in. You will be allotted the permission to play the game only if it is an android version.

Now you might be wondering why so much of security for ‘just a game’? The reason is that most of the people were using emulators as a cheating tool through which they could catch Pokemon easily without physically going out and by using fake GPS apps.

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How to Use Nox App Player to Play Pokemon Go on PC: A Try.

Quite heavy to digest but after having a look at the following steps and screenshots, you will surely believe that you can play Pokemon Go on PC by using Nox App Player.

Step 1. Firstly, download the Nox App Player from the link given here or above. The installation file size of Nox App Player will be somewhere between 280MB to 300MB. This process may take a while, majorly depending on the speed of your Internet Connection.

Step 2. After the download is completed, double-click on the file to begin the Installation process.

Step 3. A checkbox will appear at the bottom left of the screen as shown in the screenshot below. Tick it by clicking once on the box. You will be agreeing on the Nox License Agreement.

The installation may consume around 3-5 minutes. And this depends on the computer’s processing power.

Step 4. After the successful installation of Nox Player, you will come across a screen as below. Now click on the Start button to launch the app.

Step 5. Now you will see a screen as below showing you the percentage of the program loaded of Android emulator. This may take some 2-4 minutes.

Step 6. As finally the process is completed, you will see an introductory screen as below wherein the emulator will itself guide you for its features and further usage. They will be including all the basic processes from installing and downloading games and apps you want, share files between your computer and Nox, and so on.

Step 7. After that, you will see the Android home screen similar to the one you have already seen and used on your Android device. Now you can install the Pokemon GO in the Nox Player. You can do that in two ways, as per your convenience.

  1. Download and Install Pokemon GO apk file from here and then drag and drop it to the Nox Player.
  2. Or, Download and Install Pokemon GO with the help of Google Play Store, for which you will have to log in to your Google account.

Step 8. Now that you have downloaded and installed Pokemon GO all you have to do is drag and drop it onto the Nox Player and it will by itself start the installation. Very soon the icon of the game will appear on your home screen.

Step 9. To launch the game, click on the Pokemon GO icon appearing on the home screen. Once done that, you will see a startup screen with the Niantic Logo.

Step 10. Now you will be asked to enter your Birthdate and then a sign-in screen will appear with options to log in either through Google or Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) Account. By any one way, you can sign-in the procedure.

Step 11. Based on the way you chose for logging in, you will have to fill in the Username and Password details and then Click on the Sign in button at the bottom of the panel.

Step 12. Now the servers will check your details and verify your account and device information as well. After a while, you will see a message popping up on your screen- “Unable to Authenticate. Please Try again.” As you can see below.

So now you know even after a complete advised procedure, I could not Play Pokemon GO on PC without Bluestacks. This means I failed to play The game on Nox App Player i.e. Niantic Inc. does not allow you to play Pokemon GO on emulators.

I hope you have got your misconceptions cleared now. There is no other way for you than to buy a droid with least of 2GB RAM an then you will be able to play Pokemon GO. Hope this article helped you.

If you guys have any other such doubts or questions, you can let us know in the comment section below. Or for any queries you have or suggestions you want to give us, feel free to write down below.

How to Use Nox App Player to Play Pokemon Go on PC
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