How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Yes, you have read it right! You can set any song or any part of the song as your iPhone ringtone with the use of iTunes but without spending a single penny! Though this isn’t as easy as using iTunes to set iPhone ringtone since Apple has many restrictions in case of ringtones and has made the process not so easy as they want you to choose it from iTunes. Now Apple’s restrictions mean that you have to sync your iPhone with iTunes. In fact, they have even updated iTunes to remove Tones entirely.

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

But if you are determined enough to change your iPhone ringtone with iTunes and spending anything additional, then go further and have a look at this simplified article. But before heading forward, One important point to be noted is that, if your Phone is running iOS 10 and you have a version of iTunes earlier than 12.7, it would be better to stick to it anyway since the process to set other songs as a ringtone would become rather complex.

So now that you know the only “Essentials” to set any song as iPhone ringtone, here is the complete procedure to get the results you wish:-

1. Prepare the Song

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Before starting, You will have to import the song you want to set as your ringtone in the iTunes library of your computer. You can do this by simply importing the MP3 or AAC file into iTunes or else use the Voice Memo App on iPhone to record the Real-World sounds or people’s voices to turn into ringtones.

Now launch iTunes by double-clicking its shortcut or by finding it in the Start Menu. From your music library, Right-click on the song you wish to set as your ringtone and then select Get Info which is called as Song Info in the latest version of iTunes.

2. Choose Timings

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Select the Options Tab and then tick the Start and Stop boxes. You will have to listen to the track that you want to set as ringtone first and then select the times at which it should start and stop on your ringtone. The maximum length you can use is 30 seconds, as this is the maximum time for which the iPhone will ring for a call. For more precision of the song that will be your ringtone, put in the fractional numbers. As if the song starts in between 33.00 to 34.00 seconds, rather put it as 33.54 seconds as the start tick. Then Click OK to dismiss the window.

3. Create AAC Version

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

For the versions of iTunes earlier than 12.4 and 12.5.1, you will have to Right-click on the song again and then select Create AAC Version. If you don’t see this, it is because your CD rip settings are not set correctly. For this, Click the Menu at the Top-Left Corner of iTunes and choose Preferences. Then click Import settings next to ‘When you insert a CD’  and choose Import Using: ACC Encoder.

For the version 12.4 and later of iTunes, you have to select the track by clicking it once and go to the file menu, Choose Convert and then Create ACC version.

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

4. Start and Stop Times

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Now without accomplishing this step, you will later have to listen to only that part of the song which you ticked to play as your ringtone. To not experience this, right click on the song that you chose originally and using Options tab from the Get Info Menu, untick the start and stop times so that the song returns to its original time and then click OK.

5. Find the File and Change Extension

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Now Right-click on the Short Ringtone Track and click Show in Windows Explorer. On MAC, it would appear as Show in Finder. The file will be highlighted in the Window which opens up. Right-click on it and choose Rename. Now change the extension from .m4a to .m4r. Click yes when you are asked if you want to change the extension. If the file extensions are hidden, you cannot simply add .m4r while renaming the file. It won’t work.

6. Import Ringtone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Now to import the song into iTunes, open the Tones section in iTunes and drag the .m4r file from a file explorer/ Finder Window into iTunes. Or else, you can also Double-click the file in File Explorer, or use the File>Add file to library option in iTunes.

7. Find the tones

For iTunes 12-

Click on the three dots and choosing tones from the menu.

For iTunes 12.4 (Until 12.7)-

Click on the Music Button, then Edit Menu and then tick the box next to tones. Click Done then click the music button again and now you will see the tones section again.

Your new tone will be displayed among the other ones present already.

For iTunes 12.7-

This is a cut-down version. So you will not see any tones in the tones section. However, you can follow the following steps to set any song as your iPhone ringtone-

Although Apple cut the bloat out of iTunes, App store any many other things, you can still sync your custom tones with your iPhone. For this, first of all, Connect your Phone to your PC or Laptop with USB cable. Tap “Trust This Computer” if necessary and wait until your phone icon appears in iTunes.

Click on it when the phone icon finally appears in the left-hand column. Click on I and the list should expand so you can see a tones section. Click on that and you will see any custom tone appears on the right. The list will be blank if you do not have any tones.

Now Switch to your File Explorer Window where your ringtone will be highlighted and Right-click on it and copy it.

Go back to iTunes, click in the empty area of the tones list, and now paste the tone. It will automatically sync with your phone.

8. Clean it

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

For Windows Users:

It is recommended to delete the short AAC version of the song from your iTunes music Library just as it won’t play anyhow and if you continuously jump on a number of ringtones, it would turn messy.

For MAC users:

At times, you won’t be able to see existing tones in the tones section. For this, you can do two things-

1.Move the .m4r file outside of your iTunes folder on your hard drive, e.g., to the desktop. Then double-click on it.

2. Delete the ringtone ‘song’ entry in your iTunes Music Library. Don’t delete the actual file on your hard drive. Then double-click on the .m4r in finder and it should now show up in tones.

9. Sync Tone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

In iTunes 12.4 (Until 12.7), your phone will appear as an icon to the right of the tones button. You can click and drag your ringtone and as you do so, a panel will open on the left-hand side. Now just drop the tone onto your iPhone to sync them. If you face any problem, select all the tones you want to put on your phone and click the sync button at the right bottom button.

In previous versions of iTunes, your phone will appear as an icon to the right of the three horizontal dots near the top left corner. Now simply select the tones you want and they will be highlighted in blue. Click and hold on anyone and drag them over the phone icon. A list will appear on the left, just drop the tone on the device and a sync should begin.

If you face problems in this, force a sync by clicking on the phone icon, then on the tones section in the left-hand menu. Make sure a sync is not already running, then tick the tones you want to transfer and click the sync button at the bottom right of the iTunes window.

10. Select Your ringtone

How to set any song as iPhone Ringtone

Now to set the new tone as your ringtone, Open the settings app on your iPhone and tap Sounds which is also called as Sounds & Haptics. Then tap on Ringtone. Your custom tones will appear here, above the default ringtones. Tap on the one you wish to set as your ringtone. And woah! finally, your custom Ringtone will be set!

Now after so many of efforts that you made, the fruit to them won’t be so smaller. Apart from ringtone, you can also use the customized tones for other notifications as Messages, Facebook notifications, reminder alerts, new voicemails or anything else. However, tones for emails or messages cannot be as long as the ones for a ringtone. But you can, however, impart the MP3 just as we did for the ringtone and it will produce a sound effect.

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