How to use Snapchat Login on Your Computer

All of us are pretty aware of this wide social platform that has made a secure virtual connection with people in your contact or friend lists.

Launched for the first time in the year 2012, and now turned out to be just another addiction among youngsters as well as people from other age groups, Snapchat has made its irreplaceable place among its users.

From the innumerable beautifying filters to the widest range of stickers and its own customizable Emoji system named Bitmoji, fastest message deliverance and whatnot has made snapchat everyone’s number one in the priority for social networking.

Just Snapchat Login from your device, one at a time and here you are with varieties of choices to choose from.

How to use Snapchat Login on Your Computer

This absolutely fun and thrilling app makes it possible for you to post stories at that exact moment and create memories in a digital way.

From sharing media to friends, individuals or groups to having the utmost security in your hands by knowing who actually took a screenshot of your stories or snaps, this app does magic! Customized brilliantly with a bit complex but easy-to-use interface, this app also knows how to keep its users engaged and never get bored with the same.

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A completely new concept arose from the launch of Snapchat. To keep its users engaged, Snapchat came out with the “Streak” Concept which I am sure most of you might be well aware of.

Sending one snap which you can call a picture as well according to the traditional methods, from both the interacting individuals at least one streak every 24 hours, in a chat will add up to their points which are also called as a Streak.

So, in the urge of maintaining that high number on your Snapchat Id, people eventually use snapchat to send any random snap and earn more points. This definitely is cool among the youngsters.

Snapchat Login

So this was just a summary of the introduction to Snapchat. Moving on to the real point to be noticed, How do you use Snapchat Login on your computer? Snapchat has a good number of restrictions to keep up with the privacy of its users. Only one device at a time can be used to login to one snapchat Id.

People added to your snapchat will know about your location, if you allow them to. People watching your stories will know what time it was or was it uploaded from your camera roll or memories. Hence the question of Snapchat Login on a computer seems quite unobvious.

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However, though most of you might find using snapchat on mobile phones easier as compared to computers, for people stuck at workplaces or similar things find it difficult to use such social media.

Hence to make it easier for them, to continue snapping in their office hours as well, here is a way you can use to Snapchat login from your Computer.

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Snapchat Login on Computer

Here are a few ways that you can make use of to Snapchat Login on Computer and also ways to overcome and fix Snapchat Login temporarily failed, etc.

How to use Snapchat for PC?

Snapchat is available for Windows PC and Desktops as well. By the help of numerous emulators available on the internet, you can use Snapchat for PC. Among all of those emulators, Bluestacks is the most preferred one obviously due to its ease of use.

Install Bluestacks on PC:

Run SnapChat Using Bluestacks

Now for those who are new to Bluestacks and know nothing much about it, Bluestacks is an application customized by an American Company, named Bluestacks in the year 2009.

This application is basically developed to enable Android-based third party Applications to be able to run on PC’s functioning Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating system. This application in every means is for sure a boon for those who are for more of the time at their working places and find it hefty to use mobile phones there.

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Step 1:- Download Bluestacks on your computer from here.

Step 2:- After having finished the download, open the Bluestacks App to continue.

Step 3:- Click on the “Next” in Terms and Conditions until you reach the “Finish” Button.

Step 4:- Now Click on the “Install” Button to complete the installation process.

Step 5:- Tap on the Finish Button to install the application and use Snapchat online Sign-up.

How to Run SnapChat Using Bluestacks:

  • Once you have installed bluestacks on your PC, run the Setup Process and link your Google account with Backlinks to operate any Android Application.
  • Click on the “Search” Bar and click on”Install” to install the application in your system to Snapchat Login online free.
  • Once you have installed Snapchat just As you do on your phone, you are free to use it and snap with your friends!

Snapchat Using Manymo

Another Emulator you can use that will help you to operate numerous online applications say, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. The most noticeable feature of Manymo is that it doesn’t require you to download it in your system to use Snapchat! Amazing! Isn’t it?

All that you need to do is simply Login by creating an account on Manymo and there you can easily access various Android Applications within a fraction of seconds. The only pre-requirement to use this great site is that you will need to have a Google Play Account and a Mobile Phone or any device registered with it. The steps are as simple as:

Step 1:- Sign up for Google Play using your PC and install Snapchat from Google Play Account. The application shall be in a .apk format, which you will need to open and save it in your system.

Step 1:- Save it wherever you feel comfortable whether desktop or downloads or any particular folder on your computer.

Step 2:- Upload this file to your Manymo emulator to use Snapchat Login on your Computer.

Step 3:- Now Directly without any other procedure, open Manymo on your PC and run the Sign-up Process.

Step 4:- Enter all credentials asked to create your Manymo Account.

Step 5:- Now here you will find two options on your way, one free and the other premium i.e. paid. for which you will be asked to pay a certain amount.

Step 6:- For launching Manymo, log in with your username and password.

Step 7:- You can choose from the options for the dimensions and resolution of emulator by clicking on the top right option of the screen to launch Manymo.

Step 8:- Once the emulator is launched, search Snapchat .apk file from your PC and upload it to run Snapchat Login on the computer.

Step 9:- Now, you can run Snapchat Online. All you have to do here is enter your user Id and password and continue with your snapping!

How to Fix Temporary Failed Login of Snapchat?

The most common error faced by any user who uses a Rooted Android Device to surf through any social networking website whether Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat! Generally, while Logging in to Snapchat through your PC, you may encounter a real bad message like this:-

Your Login Temporarily failed


If you ever come across at any point through this heart-rending message, you can fix it by making use of the given following steps:

  • To use Snapchat without any issue, always use the official snapchat app. Download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Make sure you have a valid Google Account to avoid any mishap.
  • Make sure your System has the right clock and date settings.

These were a few tricks that would be helpful to you in case you want to use Snapchat Login on your computer or you face the temporary failure of snapchat login. Still, if you come across any difficulties you can let us know in the comment section below.

We will be Gald To help you!

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