Top 6 Incredible Features for iOS 12 Apple

Top 6 Incredible Features for iOS 12

Less than two months from right now, we are going to be shown iOS’s 12 Beta 1. You might be wondering what have we got for you all to show? Well in this article we will be covering a few features that could be easily applicable and user-friendly to let you all and probably Apple too know! Here we have mixed up in one article systematically, the best collection of features or concepts that have come from many different concept creators and the motive is only to bring all those useful six incredible concepts here together and let you guys and hopefully Apple and some of their workers get inspired to know about this.

Top 6 Incredible Features for iOS 12 Apple


Although Apple plans their features years in advance and does not let anybody know what features they will be covering in their next launch, expecting from this very great merchandise won’t be in reality an exaggeration. However, with a ray of hope let us begin with the probable and in some creator’s opinion, “should have” features for iOS 12 :

1. Off Don’s Concept


Off Don imagines iOS 12 in a much colorful and creative 3D touch perspective that will gain new functionality inside of the camera application the help dad application will be re-imagined. And now not to overlook the Legendary Dark Mode which was not released in the iOS 11 with the iPhone 10. By the Dark Mode, you can customize the toggles on the lock screen which would be cool especially on the iPhone 10. It will hold on a colorful background with a splash of colors specifically on the music player app so it would reflect the music album’s arts. However, most of these concepts are focused on iPhone 10 which really isn’t a bad thing. But this doesn’t mean other devices won’t get this feature as well. He wishfully imagines that iOS 12 would finally have it.

Overall among the six incredible concepts, I personally found this concept creative and good-to-the-eye one and hopefully Apple notices this and makes some changes accordingly.

2. The Dot’s Concept

Top 6 Incredible Features for iOS 12 Apple

The Dot’s Concept Where on the Lock Screen, you will be able to get Notification dots depending on which notification you have. Pointing to the smaller call notification so it will no take your entire notification bar or screen when you get a call. There will be a Guest mode where you will have only a few selectable apps you can open the ability to lock certain apps. There would be a re-imagined safari experience that makes it easier on the iPhone 10 and really important for I guess all of us, the ability to change the settings in the camera without having to leave the app and go to settings. And now we are all quite aware of Apple lacking at their notification settings badly than Android.

3. Music App Concept

One among the Six incredible concepts for iOS 12 is this Music app concept. Apple since a long time has not touched the Music App which they really need to do now that would certainly give users an overall new experience. This new concept from Latoya gives us a throwback to the old days. The most impacting one is the ability to change volume very quickly using 3D touch. Along with that you can directly heart songs from the lock screen and like them directly on the now playing page as well.You can slide between playlist songs. This cool feature used to belong to iOS but Apple removed it. Latoya now calls it Landscape Mode is also known as the Cover flow with Apple where you can just swipe through all the album art in Landscape Mode. Then your album art would reflect on the background resulting in color change. It is something you would see in a jailbreak tweak.

It would really be great to see something changed in depth focusing on just one application.The notifications on Apple are horrendous and it would be appreciable if the feature to group the notifications as said earlier comes to considering apple watches for reference. A darker mode with less dark music album application would be a drastic change as well!

4. Behance Concept

According to this concept, The Lock Screen gets re-imagined with whole new dynamic wallpapers. I think Apple really needs to check on this concept. They do not have enough stock of the wallpapers they provide and when they provide some, they remove some others and this needs to be stopped with a good number of wallpapers made available. Also, a few new emojis can certainly add a new experience with a new launch and a bar at the bottom that would have the collection of frequently used emojis would be a great catch.  And as I said, this concept imagines a re-imagined Lock Screen that displays the information in a different way, a kind of Shadow mode where you will be experiencing a Little bit darker background in the tint of grey and black. This would indeed also save your battery life.

5. Aerial Concept

Now, this isn’t necessarily an iOS 12 concept like the six incredible concepts but it could be a branch of iOS 12 Updates, called the Aerial Concept. This concept actually focuses on the de-cluttering of the unnecessary unoptimized features for devices. Apple could make this new version which would be a lighter, aerial version of iOS 12 for older iPhones like the iPhone, 5 iPhone 2. They could remove certain features that are not needed now and make it lighter and faster, optimize it to give a lighter load on the phone so it doesn’t take much storage on the phone. Basically, it would be a re-imagined iOS for a smaller screen. In my opinion, this would be a fantastic idea. However, this is not going to happen but we could wish it would!

6. Bubbly iOS 12 Concept

The Bubbly iOS 12 Concept By Ascending News imagines of giving a much fresher and cleaner look on iOS 12 which is very much minimalistic and simple. There are group notifications that look like something off of an Apple watch with no labels, no home screen. As well as the locked Applications prompt you can see is very bubbly. The guest Mode looks pretty decent and shades out the applications that are not really necessary. The prompts definitely look like an evolution of the iOS 11 style and taking advantage of the organic LED display you can surely save some battery life with a Super Saver Mode.

So this was all about what Creators across the globe got to share about the iOS 12. However, Apple never reveals their features and plans them in years advance so we aren’t sure of these all features being in the new launch but can certainly hope for the same. This article was to bring to your and hopefully some of the Apple creator’s notice the six incredible iOS 12 features that could be seen or should be added in iOS 12 so as to give Apple users a whole new experience with their preferred brand again!

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