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uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Today, no matter what online site you are streaming, you will be popped up with an ad everywhere you go. Social streaming sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram are all quite a lot dependent on ads for a part of their income source.

uBlock origin vs Adblock plus _ Which One is Good

The reality is you will at some or other point in time be irritated with this continuous and irrelevant ad content. But we know, what is a problem, brings a solution as well. To deal with these ad issues, we have got a variety of software that would help you get rid of these annoying ads. Some of them being, which we are going – Ublock Origin, AdBlock Plus, etc.

Now, to be honest, ads are a thing that is a source of earning to YouTubers and many online related businesses. People get to watch so much of free stuff for free on the internet and all that they can earn is by showing you some ads. However, for many of the times, these ads turn out to be irrelevant and irritating and hence is the reason behind the origin of Adblockers.

To use or not to use adblockers is a complete individual concept. Since many people also prefer watching ads and getting information about the coolest stuff possible. Since Ads about products only ease your life by giving you additional information about it, at the end it is your choice.

As the demand is increasing over and over again, developers are constantly engaged in creating more better and better products for users. However, two of the most popularly used ad blockers remained on the throne for a long time. They are the ones we will be comparing today so that you can get an idea of both of their’ features and which one to choose.

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Comparison Between uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus

Before getting into the actual comparison between the two major ad blockers available on the internet, let us first know a little bit about them both.

Adblock Plus:

This adblocker site is a free extension which was created by Vladimir Plant in 2006. It is an Open Source project licensed under GPLv3. With this, you can block annoying irrelevant ads, prevent the malware spreading domains and disable tracking, etc.

uBlock Origin:

uBlock Origin was first launched in June 2014 by Raymond Hill. This basically is a written JavaScript and licensed under GPLv3+ unlike the AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin also refuses any donations.

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Comparison on basis of CPU Consumption:


A Benchmark Test with ten blocking extensions showed the uBlock Origin as more resource efficient and consumes lesser resources than Adblock Plus.

If you want to save on inverted processor time, surely most recommended option is of using uBlock.

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Comparison on basis of Consumption of RAM:


uBlock Origin in its 1.1.1 version saves about 40% of system memory reserved for the browser. For chromium, data corresponding to a browser in version 45. With Firefox, the results seldom change. This add-on from uBlock Origin is greatly optimized for work.


A Benchmark Test with ten blocking extensions showed the uBlock Origin as more resource efficient and consumes lesser resources than Adblock Plus.

Comparison on basis of Blocking Effectiveness:

AdBlock Plus vs Ublock Origin: blocking effectiveness

Now you might be thinking if uBlock Origin is as much effective as Adblock Plus. But hey, that isn’t the case whats tricking you.

The resource consumption does not make any difference in the blocking effectiveness. In fact, uBlock has nothing to envy AdBlock Plus and is rarely able to block the resources that it cannot.

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Comparison on basis of Functions and Features:

The Adblock Plus itself does not have any functionality, however, you have to guide it for what to block by adding external filters; apart from having some lists enabled like EasyList and Acceptable Ads List. Along with this, Adblock Plus gives you options on Disable Tracking, Malware Domains, and Social Media Buttons.

These additional features are lacking in uBlock Origin. These features can speed up the browser and computer as well. However, some reviews found out that uBlock Origin consumes lesser resources than Adblock Plus as seen above.

The uBlock Origin has new functionality that helps people with color vision deficiency. It comes with a dynamic URL filtering and interface enhancements with a new DOM inspector.

Comparison on basis of User Interface:


Although you might be thinking what role does this part play in the comparison between the two extensions, the ease of use describes how compatible the extension is with an average user.

Both the Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin have a big enable/disable button at the very beginning and some stats about blocked pages, stats about requests blocked till date, connected domains, etc.

uBlock Origin has a sophisticated panel. The icons around the on/off button are arranged in a way easy to the use. However, they are not exactly easy or interesting for the average user.

However, on Adblock Plus you have an additional option of sharing these stats on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And to that Ublock Origin has got a much simpler and easier layout.


Comparison on basis of Settings:

The settings of these adblockers give us a general idea of how the features can be utilized of these two major Extensions. AdBlock has 4 tabs in all that include: General, Filter lists, Add your Filters and Whitelisted domains. This I found a bit messier than uBlock Origin.

The Ublock origin has 6 tabs in the settings bar. They are general settings, My filters, 3rd party filters, My Rules, Whitelist and About. All you have to do is check and uncheck most of them. Apart from this uBlock origin has few more settings. But if you try to apply more filters then this might boost the CPU usage. But if you are a lite user, then Adblock plus should be considered.

Comparison on basis of Popularity and Availability:

Adblock Plus was launched back in 2006. And eight years earlier than uBlock Origin. Probably this is the reason that Adblock plus is quite ahead than uBlock Origin in popularity and number of users. Both of this software is freely available and are open source.

Adblock Plus is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, Android, Safari, Yandex browsers as an extension. This extension is available for comparatively more browsers than uBlock Origin.

The uBlock Origin is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Safari and Chromium as an extension.

Now speaking of popularity, uBlock Origin has grabbed more of it since more users have been shifted here in the last three years. However, AdBlock Plus has its command over more platforms and is still one of the best adblockers.

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uBlock Origin for Android

A good news for you all! If you are browsing on your Android Smartphone or Tablet, Here is for you a pocket version of uBlock Origin Firefox add-on so that you can surf the net on your smartphone without worrying about those irrelevant useless ads and that too without rooting your Android device for using this.

All you have to do to make use of it is, install Firefox Browser for Android and then install uBlock Origin add-on as we do for Windows Browser. It will work the same as on Windows Browsers.

Final Verdict

Now the picture might be clear to you as well. We could not find any such huge difference in effectiveness between uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus as contenders. This although turned pretty debatable as both of them have many advantages over one another.

However, if we consider the plus points for each of them, uBlock comparatively consumes lower resources, has simpler layout, more settings and features.

In case of Adblock Plus, it remains a reference blocker with a few failures and a user-friendly interface so that even newest of the users can easily operate it.

For me, I found uBlock more reliable. But this certainly depends on the kind of content and ads you want to block and it is more of a person-to-person perspective. Both work well.

Hope you guys got your answers and found this article useful. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, you can let us know in the comment section below. Also, do not miss any of our such useful articles, make sure you Subscribe to our Newsletter.

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