Unlock Android lock screen without data loss

Unlock Android lock screen without data loss

I love my dad but there are times that he’s exceptionally infuriating! Imagine if your dad put a complex password on his phone and forgot about it?

Would you be annoyed? I certainly was!

Obviously being the “technician” of the house, the ball was in my court. It was going to be my job to unlock android lock screen. Every single suggestion on the interweb simply told me to reset the Android phone in its entirety and call it a day. A suggestion I took to heart and was about to implement but of course, it wasn’t going to be that easy! My dad insisted that he had no backup for any of his pictures or contacts and I was going to have to find another way to get him out of this mess.

After a long hour of praying on the altar of Google, I found a solution! It’s this useful little tool called dr.fone – Unlock (Android).

In this blog, I really want to break down exactly how you can unlock your Android lock screen without completely restoring your phone or unlock your Android even the screen is broken using Dr.Fone.

Let’s have a look at the steps.

Step 1: Download and Launch The Program

Download dr.fone – Unlock (Android) and launch the program. Connect you the phone you wish to unlock to your computer and choose “Unlock” among all the tools available on the screen.

Unlock Android Lock Screen

Step 2: Start The Process

You’ll be taken to the next screen where your short journey to freedom from the passcode will begin! Simply click on “Start” here. Unlock Android Lock Screen 2

Step 3: Find Your Device

It is integral that you don’t mess up this part! Make sure that you’ve chosen your model from the list and do double check this.

The recovery package for each phone is entirely different so making a wrong choice here will definitely waste plenty of time.

Unlock Android Lock Screen 3

The program itself will allow you to double check this step by providing a confirmation screen so do pay attention and don’t mess up here. Unlock Android Lock Screen 4

Step 4: Enter The Download Mode

Every Android phone has a Download Mode it is necessary for your phone to enter that mode for the recovery package to be downloaded. So how is it to be entered?

1. Switch off your phone

2. Press the volume down, home and power button in tandem

3. Then press the volume up button to enter the mode!

Unlock Android Lock Screen 5

Step 5: Download The Recovery Package to Your Phone

Once your device enters the download mode, it will automatically begin to download the recovery package. So sit back and twiddle your thumbs till you see this screen reach a 100%.

Unlock Android Lock Screen 6

Step 6: Removing Lock Screen Without Data Loss

Now dr.fone will begin to unlock android lock screen all on its own. This will not hurt your device or data in any way.

Unlock Android Lock Screen 7

Once this process has been completed you will be able to unlock Android lock screen without a password and freely view any data.

It was truly strange for me to see that Android devices do not have this feature built into them. But in any case, with this third party program, I was able to get the job done and that too very quickly. So this made both me and dad happy campers!

To add to that I was able to get some bragging rights too for when any of my Android-toting friends get into a similar situation.

If you know of any other applications/programs that can help anyone in a similar situation do comment below!

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